Shockwave Therapy Edmonton

What Is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment for numerous musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. The process involves delivering short but intense mechanical pressure waves to the affected areas of your body, which activates your body’s anti-inflammatory reflexes. This will promote blood flow which helps to stimulate muscle repair & regeneration. Shockwave also has an analgesic effect on the body.

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

A registered physiotherapist at Coronation will first assess your body to determine the root cause of pain or injury. Shockwave therapy will then be applied to the designated area using a device that produces a high-energy pressure wave.

The acoustic waves generated from shockwave treatment lower the concentration of a neurotransmitter called Substance P. Substance P is a pain receptor to the central nervous system and is commonly associated with chronic and intense pain. By lowering the concentration with shockwaves, we can reduce your pain.

Additionally, once the kinetic energy from the wave reaches the affected area, it triggers the production of new blood vessels which helps to improve blood flow. This is a 100% natural, yet critical function in the repair of damaged tissue. Microruptures will be created in your tendons and bones from the acoustic wave. As a result, your body will greatly increase the production of proteins like VEGF & BMP. The formation of new blood vessels increases blood supply, oxygen, and will result in faster healing.

Shockwave Therapy Benefits

There are many benefits of shockwave therapy, our patients love that it is non-invasive and is a safer alternative than surgery or medication. Rather, the treatment is all about promoting your body's natural healing abilities, while providing pain relief in the process.

Shockwave therapy is comparatively inexpensive, and results can often be felt within a few sessions, often 3-to-5. Some patients even notice the improvements after one treatment!

It is also a very versatile treatment, while many studies have proven that shockwave is effective on its own, the benefits can be maximized when combined with other physiotherapy treatments.

Is Shockwave Therapy Painful?

We are happy to report that the majority of our patients say they experience no pain during or after shockwave treatments.

For patients that do experience pain during the procedure, we are able to adjust the intensity of the device to match your tolerance to it. Each session only lasts a few minutes, usually less than 15, so most patients report being able to withstand any discomfort they may experience.

If you experience any effects from the treatment, it will usually be felt within 2-5 hours afterwards. You may feel soreness or develop redness, these effects are indicative of the healing process and have been reported by our patients as being tolerable.

Shockwave Therapy Can Treat Many Conditions

✓ Shin Splints
✓ Lower Back Pain
✓ Bone Fractures
✓ Carpal Tunnel
✓ Muscle Sprains

✓ Plantar Fasciitis
✓ Achilles Tendonitis
✓ Tennis Elbow / Golfer's Elbow
✓ Frozen Shoulder
✓ Patellar Tendonitis

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