IMS Therapy in Edmonton

Quick and effective relief for chronic pain

IMS therapy, also referred to as dry needling, makes use of thin needles to relax and relieve tight muscles. Needles are inserted directly into knots & trigger points, calming the nerves that supply the muscle group. IMS Therapy is for you if you want a safe, natural, and effective pain relief treatment.

Benefits of Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

Some physical pains such as headaches, backaches, chronic muscle pain, or other musculoskeletal issues can be felt while not displaying symptoms like inflammation or tissue damage.

This type of pain is caused by nerve dysfunction that generally stems from chronic irritation that leads to shortened and sensitive muscle fibers. IMS relieves this type of pain by inserting a very thin needle directly into the site of the affected area.

The needle is usually removed right away, but in some cases, it will be left in the muscle for a short period of time. Once inserted, you may feel some discomfort in the area as the needle does its job of stimulating the muscle.

More Benefits of IMS Therapy Include:

Restore your body's natural healing process with IMS Therapy.

IMS therapy creates an immune response in the body that helps initiate tissue repair and increase blood flow to the affected area.

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IMS Therapy Can Treat Many Conditions

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