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Before Your First Appointment

The first step is to simply call or email us!

If your doctor has referred you for physical therapy you may have received a written prescription. You may also have selected our clinic without going to your doctor first. Both are great!

You do not need to get referred by your doctor, if you did, you can bring the prescription to your first appointment. 

Accepted Insurance

We accept a wide variety of insurance options. Simply call us and we will help determine the best action for you!

Types of Physiotherapy Funding

Personal Benefits

We direct bill to Blue Cross, Great West Life, Green Shields, ASEBP. Call us to find out for your plan!


Got in an accident at work? Report this immediately to your employer. Call us and confirm your spot for physio right now.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Got into an accident? We can help you! Call us to take the first step towards your recovery!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you direct bill my Health Benefits/Insurance?

Yes! Call us now to see if we direct bill or if you will pay and submit online.

Which Physiotherapist will I be seeing?
All therapists can be seen based on recommendation or special requests. Typically, we have morning therapists and evening therapists. So it will depend on the time of day. For more information on our therapists please click on about us page.
Where Can I Park?

Parking is free and easy. Find spots to the front and back of our clinic

What happens at the first appointment?
You may arrive 10 minutes early to fill out paper work. You will be greeted by our friendly front staff. Once the paperwork is complete, you will meet the physio. Your physio will talk to you about your problem or condition, assess, diagnose and set up your customized treatment plan.