Welcome To Coronation

Welcome To Coronation Physiotherapy 

Canada's Sport Specialty Clinic 

Established in 1994, our excellent physiotherapists have a proven track record to get you moving and feeling your best.

We offer a wide range of physiotherapy services in a large clinic space of over 3400 square feet. Our clinic is trusted by professional athletes, medical doctors and many patients travelling to come see our difference!

  • Expert Clinicians
  • Customized Therapy
  • Effective Treatment

Sports Physio Specialist Centre

Our team of Physio Specialists are dedicated in providing the best physiotherapy. We offer rehabilitation programs that are effective, and proven to provide long term results!
Our clinical approach includes effective treatment, education, and hands on techniques. The combination of all these elements of care is what drives our very high success rate. Our approach is recognized as a leader in the physiotherapy community. 
Canada's Sport Specialist
Canada's Sport Specialist
Effective, Trusted, Results
Advanced Technologies
Equipment and Techniques for Success
Latest Technology
Most effective treatment options.
Hands on Treatment
Approach to restore joint movement and release tight muscles. 
Customized Exercise
Customized Exercise
Movement protocols that work. 

What is Good Physiotherapy?

Active physiotherapy that empowers people to take control over their injury or condition. Our physiotherapy approach takes the guessing from recovery. We utilize only the most advanced technologies, effective hands on treatment, and customized exercise protocols. You can relax in knowing that our experts will guide you to your full potential. 
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