Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy Edmonton

Have you been injured in a car accident? Our team can provide the relief you need with motor vehicle accident physiotherapy

Our Edmonton physiotherapists have extensive training and experience in helping people rehab car accident injuries. We will develop a treatment plan that aids in your recovery process, and gets you back to doing the things you love sooner rather than later!

What We Can Treat

Common Injuries That Occur From Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents can result in a multitude of different injuries. Some of the most common include:

  • whiplash
  • herniated disks
  • back pain
  • pain in your upper and/or lower extremities
  • musculoskeletal pain

It’s important to remember that while some of these injuries may be noticeable immediately following a motor vehicle accident, others may linger undetected. 

Symptoms like migraines, limited range of motion in your shoulders or neck, fatigue, or constant pain/tingling throughout your body can all be signs of a lingering injury from a car accident. 

If you experience any of these, it’s important to see a motor vehicle accident physiotherapist and get a diagnosis so that your pain does not become chronic!

Our Approach To Treating Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries


We conduct a thorough and careful assessment of your injuries in order to better understand your condition. Once a diagnosis is made we will explain your treatment plan to get you back to 100% and doing the things you love, pain free!


Our treatments will consist of a variety of recovery techniques. Manual therapy to improve joint and muscle function, IMS, Shockwave, and custom exercise programs designed to bring you back to your pain free self.


By continuing the exercises, stretching, and home recovery techniques we provide, you will have all the tools you need to come back from pain and put your car accident in the rear view mirror.

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Don’t suffer from pain and injury a day longer. Our team is here and ready to help you get back to doing what you love!

Why Edmonton Chooses Us For Motor Vehicle Accident Therapy

I was in a car accident Jan 1, 2020. I have been seeing Coronation Physiotherapy for a year now. Leigh has been my therapist & I am very grateful. She has helped me through pain and shown me many ways to strengthen my neck and back. I highly recommend this place, all the staff are welcoming and helpful no matter what questions you have or you need. They offer virtual therapy as well due to Covid restrictions which came in handy when I was not able to be seen in person during the lockdown. They always kept in touch and helped me. Highly recommend.
Lindsay C.
My boyfriend and I got into a car accident and need a physiotherapist, after seeing 4 physiotherapists that neither of us liked we came here... And wouldn't go anywhere else. Leigh is knowledgeable, friendly, the staff is funny and helpful.
Victoria F.
Sue DionSue Dion
01:03 19 Apr 23
Leigh is a fantastic…. I struggled with back pain after a car accident for 10 years going to different physios and chiropractors as I am a runner and after my car accident my back would go out after a few runs…. All physios and chiropractors said that I will need to stop running or this would continue…. I went to see Leigh and after a few treatments I was running again!Leigh is the only Physio that I know that does the usually Physio stuff (uses tens machine, etc.) but she also massages and manipulates (but only if u r OK with that) on ur visit! She is my hero! If you looking for a great Physio… I would highly recommend, you will not be sorry!
Eileen MardresEileen Mardres
21:53 09 Apr 23
Since 2011 Coronation Physiotherapy therapists have provided me with exceptional therapy and support information multiple times for several issues. Everyone has always been caring and treated me fairly, and the discounted senior rates have made it easier to get whatever treatment I needed. I definitely recommend Coronation Physiotherapy and have been more satisfied with them than with other clinics in Edmonton because as I heal, additionally I come away with a greater understanding of how to best take advantage of the therapy and how to maintain good health.
Dan KhakinaDan Khakina
14:26 18 Jan 23
I've been going here for a handful of years now, always been a great clinic, A hidden gem and very much worth it, they're not just there to earn a paycheck. Darcy is quite amazing, great deep tissue massage, worked on my tight upper back now feeling great. Very easy going Chantelle, she makes the place lovely welcome and gives outright look of a place to go. Amazing therapist after I got involved in an accident, they took care of my back and knees and am back in the gym like nothing happened. This is the professional place to go. I couldn't mention everybody but thanks to all staff. Great service appreciated. Highly recommended place to go.
Erica StablesErica Stables
19:38 13 Oct 22
Leigh is amazing! I have been struggling with knee pain for the past 2 months, and after seeing Leigh I am finally starting to get some relief. She is super knowledgeable, and really knows what she is doing. And the rest of the team is wonderful as well! Highly recommended!
Deena PetersDeena Peters
20:29 13 Sep 22
Leigh is a highly skilled and experienced physiotherapist who has solved my issues every time. It's easy to get an appointment and the staff are friendly and efficient. I highly recommend Coronation Physiotherapy!
Raeann LefebvreRaeann Lefebvre
15:53 03 May 22
Most people hit that age where their bodies decide to break down on them or they become injury prone. I hit that age this year when I not only tore some glute muscles but also fell and broke my wrist. I was lucky enough to have Leigh in the chapter to help guide me when this happened between the surgeon appointments and the rehabilitation of my body. I experienced physio from Leigh before the surgeon requested the use of their in hospital physical therapy, so I very quickly saw the difference between what Leigh does and the hospital physical therapy. Leigh takes the time to manipulate the injuries and work the muscles and ligaments. She provides advice and exercises to go home with but only after she works me over, which I appreciate. Her experience in injury assessment and rehabilitation is extensive and it shows in how she helps her clients. I highly recommend Leigh at Coronation Physiotherapy for not only major injuries like a broken wrist, but also for any injury that keeps you in discomfort. She is amazing at what she does.
Cindy JonesCindy Jones
18:51 01 May 22
Last May I was hit by a SUV while out walking with my friend. Leigh has been amazing with treatments and advice to get me back doing the activities that I love to do since the accident. I drive 2 hr (one way) just for the privilege of treatments at this amazing clinic. The staff are friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend Coronation Physio for any injury rehab and overall wellness therapies.
Cate CollinsCate Collins
13:41 18 Apr 22
Leigh is an amazing physio. I’ve seen several different practitioners over the past few years to mixed success, but I have been consistently impressed with Leigh and the rest of the team at Coronation Physio. She’s a wealth of knowledge and is helping me feel much better through her treatments, and the homework I get assigned.

Don't let a car accident injury turn into a chronic condition. Come to our physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton today and start living pain free once again!

If you have questions and would like to speak to someone in our office first please give us a call. If you’re ready to book you are able to make an appointment online by clicking the button below!

Frequently Asked Questions

You must report to your injuries to your insurance company right away in order for physiotherapy & massaged to be covered by them.