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Leaders in Extracopeal Shockwave Therapy, our clinic Specializes in chronic and stubborn injuries an Conditions. We use both Radial and Focus Shockwave Therapy using Storz Shockwave Technology. Our Regenerate Shockwave is the perfect solution for your pain!
Most Advanced
Highly advanced technologies.  
Shockwave Physio
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Effective treatment and trusted by athletes and doctors.  

Regenerate Focus and Radial Shockwave

Focus Shockwaves
The most true form of extracorpeal shockwave therapy. This delvers a deep, strong penetrating sound wave. 
Radial Pressure Waves
This is highly effective for releasing tight muscles and knots. Often reported as a strong and deep vibration. 

What is Shockwave Therapy 

Shockwave therapy is a highly advanced medicine that is able to heal and regenerate damaged tissue. 

 therapy is beneficial for stubborn pain conditions that are resistant to conservative care. 
Sound Waves
Focus sound waves into the tissue
Regenerative medicine

How Does it Work? 

Remove Scar Tissue
Remove scar tissue and adhesions. 
Increase Blood Flow
Increase blood flow to injured site. 
Heal Injury
Increase healing stem cells. 
Shockwave works by stimulating healing cells in the body. As the sound waves passes through the tissue, it is able to stimulate cells to heel. It is a strong regenerative medicine that can break down adhesions and scar tissue and allow blood to flow easier. Shockwave has proven to be an effective option for many stubborn and painful conditions of the body. It has the power to reach deep muscle knots and trigger points and remove hardened areas of calcification. 

Treatable Conditions 

Head & Neck

( chronic headaches, migraine, TMJ, whiplash, strain/sprain, nerve pain, joint stiffness )


( Spinal pain, whiplash, sciatica, arthritis, disk, herniations )


( strain/sprain, rotator cuff, tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, tears, injuries )


( tennis, golfers, arthritis, bursitis, calcifications )


Carol tunnel, trigger finger arthritis, tendinitis )


( bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis, trigger point therapy )


( Tendinitis, runners knee, arthritis, bursitis )

Foot & Ankle

( heel spur, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, achilles, scar tissue )

Bone Conditions

( stress, non union, post fracture )

Nerve Tissue

( radiculitis, nerve pain, sciatica, nerve root pain, segmental problems )

Mens Health

( ED, peyronie's ) 

Chronic Pain

( stubborn tendon, bone, nerve, muscle pain )
"Shockwave allowed me to keep walking, swimming, and exercising. For that, I am grateful." 
– Kim

Regenerate With Shockwave Therapy!